We are proud IFIA member

OFEED is honored to have signed many Memorundum of Understanding (MoU) or Partnership agreements with the following organizations, associations and companies:

EDF, France

European Academy of Science, Europe

Archimedes, Russian Federation

ABIPIR, Brazil

Indian Innovators Association, India

Romanian Inventors Forum, Romania

SPWIR, Poland

TISIAS, Canada

TUXCONN, Finland

CORE, India

HAG, Germany

INNOPA, Indonesia

MyRIS, Malaysia

CIIS, Taiwan

Citizen Innovation, Singapore

ANDI, Italy

IRSCA Gifted Education, Romania

ABDER, Turkey

Honk-Kong Federation of Inventors and Innovators

NOVA, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Association of Education, Culture and Science, Moldova

Manila Young Inventors Association, Philippines

ANPII, Niger

Inventors Syndicate, Egypt

Lebanese Innovators Society, Lebanon

Inventors Pot, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia