EFI 2nd annual Science Fair was held in Morocco

EFI Science Fair in Morocco

Under the guidance of their teachers, 6th and 4th classes levels’ students studied the scientific method, chose their own science question, designed and conducted an experiment at home, analyzed their observations and then created a visual presentation board to share their findings with the public. Given the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19, EFI's 2nd Annual Science Fair concluded on a virtual stage in which students created video presentations of their projects in English using Flipgrid. A select number of finalists participated in interviews with judges to determine the winners of this year's competition. Mr. Majid El Bouazzaoui, the IFIA representative in Morocco, presided over an online awards ceremony and offered students valuable advice and words of encouragement to continue innovating and pursuing their interest in science.

Below is a list of student names and project titles of the Science Fair winners. Moreover, the link to the school's event page is available at : EFI Science Fair in Morocco

In 6th classes level:
  • 1st place: Nour Al Houda El Moudden (6C) for her project "Rusty Rain"

  • 2nd place: Fatima Ezzahrae Guerboub (6C) for her project "pH Variation Due to Temperature"

  • 3rd place: Yassine Lahlou (6A) for his project "Will Seawater Become Drinkable One Day?"

  • 4th place: Come Nicolas (6A) for his project "Dog Smell"

  • 5th place: Maria Fatah (6B) for her project "Eggs and Toothpaste"

  • In 4th classes level:
  • 1st place: Jeanne Beziaud (4A) for her project "Static Electricity"

  • 2nd place: Paul Mary (4A) for his project "Electrolytes"

  • EFI is a school built on the French standards of excellence that delivers the French National Education Program. Its cooperation between the French and Moroccan governments is officially recognized.

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