New Partnership with the Oxford Business Group

The Oxford Business Group has joined the Innovation Week in Africa IWA 2020 as the Research Partner of the event to support inventors. A Partnership agreement was signed between OFEED and the Oxford Business Group in this regard and the participants of the Innovation Week in Africa IWA 2020 will benefit from 1.000.000,00 MAD (estimated benefits value to participants).

As a reminder, the Innovation Week in Africa IWA 2020 is organized by EMSI Group and OFEED under the Honorable Patronage of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations IFIA and with support of The Patent Magazine as the international media Partner. Also, the event is planned to take place in Rabat, Morocco from 8th to 12th of September 2020.

This new international partnership aims to support the inventors to better target and reach the global market. Specially that the Oxford Business Group is the global research and consultancy company with 25 years of experience headquartered in London with a presence all around the world in 37 countries, from Africa to The Middle East, Asia to Latin America.

Moreover, the Oxford Business Group’s yearly economic and business reports are the leading source of country intelligence in the markets they cover and their weekly economic briefings provide complimentary up-to-date analysis on the economic topics of the day.

In addition, the Oxford Business Group is the official Research Partner of over 750 conferences per year globally.

Read more: Press Release, IWA 2020 Participation guide.

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