OFEED President appointed as jury of the MIT’s Solve program

OFEED President was appointed as jury of the international Solve® program, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), whose mission is to solve global challenges.

Thanks to the challenges of Open Innovation, this program, which represents a market for innovation with social impact, helps to reveal technology-based social entrepreneurs all over the world, to bring together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and to finance and support these entrepreneurs in order to help them generate a lasting transformational impact.

The Solve program’s 2020 global challenges revolve around several axes, including good jobs and inclusive entrepreneurship, learning for girls and women, sustainable food systems, maternal and newborn health and health security and pandemic.

As a member of the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA), the OFEED association, chaired by Majid El Bouazzaoui,was tasked with evaluating the Solve® Challenges for the “Health security and pandemic” challenge or how communities around the world can prepare, detect and respond to emerging pandemics and threats to health security ?.

As a reminder, Majid EL BOUAZZAOUI is a member of the Executive Committee (IFIA), Manager of the “Scoring and evaluation” department (IFIA) and member of the international jury at IFIA. He has also been a member of the international jury in several invention and innovation events in the USA, Canada, Russian Federation, China, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Great Britain, Germany, Romania and Morocco.

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