OFEED Membership program

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OFEED Membership program

Inventors and innovators are welcome to join OFEED community !

The online membership program is offered to members who has paid their annual membership fees.

OFEED membership program is open to all inventors and innovators who want to bring their ideas into the market at an international level through OFEED worldwide partners.

In addition, in order to be efficient and make inventors reach success regardless the stage of development of their ideas, OFEED members will benefit from several opportunities depending on their membership level:

  1. Idea owners level: are members who has their own idea(s) or project(s). Those members will receive offers and opportunities to participate in international partners events to promote their project(s);
  2. Golden level: are members who participated in at least an international invention and innovation event. Those members will receive offers and opportunities from OFEED Wolrldwide partners to promote their ideas;
  3. Platinum level: are members who have their invention(s) / innovation(s) ready for the market. Those members will benefit from promotional opportunities through OFEED worldwide partners.

So, depending on their level, OFEED members benefit from many opportunities including:

  • to benefit from discount to register (including booth rental fees) in all OFEED events, including the Innovation Week IWA;
  • to benefit from a discount to register (including booth rental fees) in all other international partners innovation events;
  • to have a free registration and free booth to present her/his invention(s) in many international invention events worldwide (offered by OFEED international partners).

Membership process

  1. Register to the website through the following link: Register
  2. Login with same information used during your registration through the following link: Login
  3. Access to the “Membership program” page, select a membership level and click on “add to cart” button through the following link: Membership Program
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. You will receive Invoice by email and also can download it anytime at: My orders


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