Registration to the 34th World Genius Convention, Japan, Booth rental (27-28/5/2020)

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Exhibitor Registration to the 34th World Genius Convention, Japan (27-28/5/2020)

Invention and innovation international event

Registration deadline: 30/3

Allowed items to this Exhibition: inventions and innovations by posters, video presentation, prototypes or products

Booth Specification

• 1/2 Booth size 90cm (width) × 100cm (depth)
• Fascia board with name of organisation and country of origin
• Pre-print Poster, 0.8m x 1m (Width x Height). Participant will have to design his own poster and send it using the online registration form during submission.

Please specify the number of inventions to register. Registration fees may apply for each invention to be displayed in the booth / catalog and to be included in the event competition. The maximum inventions allowed per booth and registrations fees are defined by the event organiser.

Also please specify:
• (A) if a table and a chair are needed in the booth. Fees may apply if this option is selected for the booth;
• (B) if the electric power is needed in the booth. Fees may apply if this option is selected for the booth.

Those costs in (A) and (B) may change depending on each event.

More details will be sent after completing the order.


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