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Password must be at least 7 characters long.

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Please attach your landscape photograph (horizontal display) in JPG or PNG format (to be used for introducing a speaker in the agenda and / or to be displayed with audio recorded speech).

Recorded speech requirements:

  • recommended content for the recorded audio or video: innovation is the global subject and IWA 2021 edition will be dedicated to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its applications to innovation ecosystem.
  • File name should be in English characters or numbers
  • Allowed video formats: MP4, WMV, MOV
  • Allowed audio formats: MP3, AAC, WMA
  • Full HD resolution (1920:1080 pixels)
  • recorded video should be horizontal (landscape only is allowed, please don’t use portrait mode video)
  • If the video / audio includes a music it must be copyright free
  • spoken language in the video / audio should be in English
  • Other languages can be spoken only in the video recorded speech, however English subtitles must be included
  • Subtitle position (if used) should be at the bottom of the video

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